Wine Coolers

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, or perhaps you like a drink after work, some of the compact appliances on offer from Bosch and Neff give you enough space for 43 bottles of wine. Being freestanding, so you can place it almost anywhere in your house, and with some having an aluminium and smoked glass design, they look pretty cool too. The glass protects your wine from UV rays, so it’ll stay in great condition, and to help further, it has an LED display, so you’ll always know what temperature it is inside. Larger capacity wine coolers allow you to fit up to 120 bottles in them, spread across 9 shelves. As well as a huge capacity, they are very modern and sleek, which is handy as they can stand up to 185 cm tall – making them one of the tallest around. The larger ones are also pretty cheap to run too, costing you just over £3 a month thanks to a B energy rating.

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