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A Flashback to AGA Stoves

AGA is the company that has been manufacturing fires and stoves for over 90 years by successfully keeping itself at the forefront of engineering excellence. It embodies the best AGA traditions by employing the very latest technology. The craftsmanship of these stoves is done with great care and bestowed from father to son. These AGA stoves have brought to you by the manufacturers of the world’s famous AGA range cooker. The ability of unique crafting and excellent material are the reasons behind the success of AGA stoves. Hand skilled craftsmen are the main assets of AGA stoves. The incredible history of AGA is what that is making it a successful company today.

Highlighted features of AGA Stoves

The decision of investing in AGA stoves is absolutely right as they can create a wonderful focal point to any place wherever you install them. More on, you will see a major decrease in the winter fuel bills as well as AGA stoves will simply provide you with some cosy warmth on cold evenings.

Functionality of AGA Stoves

A wide variety of style is included in all ranges of AGA stoves that will suit well to all your needs, from traditional to modern. It is crucial to take advice from an expert prior to installation in order to match the heat output of a stove with the living room.

A guide to buying AGA stoves

The most crucial thing about choosing a stove is to decide which type of fuel you are going to use – solid fuel or wood. They both burn in different ways so the designs of AGA stoves will differ to optimise their performance as it depends on the type of fuel.

Solid fuels like coal need air to reach them through a grate and it reaches them from below so Multi-fuel stoves are designed with this mind. A riddling plate is fitted in them to allow the removing of ash that builds up during the process of burning so it will allow more air from underneath.

On the other hand, the process of burning the wood is different as it burns efficiently when it sits on a bed of ash. Here, the most crucial thing to remember is that well-seasoned wood should be used. Make sure that the wood you are going to use has been dried for at least six months in order to remove the majority of moisture. Keep in mind that you will have to require a space of approximately 3-4 cubic for storing the wood.

Finally, the most important thing comes that should be considered while purchasing any stove. The local availability of your chosen fuel is indispensable and it is best to purchase in bulk so it will prove cost effective to you throughout the winters. A local but reputable supplier is recommended to you.


AGA stoves have been constructed by using the material of two types: steel and cast iron. Both these materials are famous for providing the cosiness and warmth associated with a stove but they both operate in different ways.

AGA has been constructing stoves from cast iron from many years as this material makes them extremely robust and built to last. The manufacturing process of these AGA stoves involves the method of pouring molten metal into moulds for creating the desired shape as well as for making them durable. However, the cast iron stoves is dense so a little more time is needed for it to reach the working temperature although. But it can retain the heat further into the evening as well as it can continue to radiate warmth after the fire starts to die down.

A great improvement has been seen in AGA steel stoves from past few years and now they offer an alternative option for you. AGA Steel stoves are less dense as compared to cast iron and subsequently far quicker to heat up.


Size and output for your home are two main things that should be considered while choosing a stove for your home by using the same principles as you would for a central heating system. The range of AGA stoves starts from 3kW up to a maximum of 15kW but from 4kW to 8kW are the most popular outputs.

A successful installation is possible only if you select the right output for your room. The Too high output may require opening a window of your room. And you might find yourself to running the stove at a lower temperature that may result in ongoing problems with a stove’s operation. In this case, it would be beneficial to use an online ‘Heat loss calculator’ to help determine the best size of your home then you can discuss the requirements with a HETAS approved installer. So in this case, they will be able to guide you concerning adequate ventilation for the installation of the stove.


Some building regulations are required to govern the installation of stoves. So for this reasons, it is advised you to use a HETAS approved installer for making sure all the aspects that comply well with the relevant standards.

A wide range of elements is required to meet these regulations including flue sizes, hearth sizes, ventilation and flue outlet heights.

You will need to get most of the information from a competent person (such as a HETAS engineer) during a visit of the site. However, few elements should be considered beforehand to determine the required work.