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Bette Baths

Bette is a renowned brand in the field of bathroom fittings. It manufactures baths, shower areas, shower trays, and washbasins from premium quality steel/enamel which has created for a sophisticated and deliberate architecture.


Bette produces products that are based on natural raw materials and these premium products are designed for premium toilets and bathrooms. Titanveredeltem steel is used as a base in its crafting and it is an incredible BETTE GLASUR enamel surface that consists of quartz, water, borax, glass and soda – refined. 


Bette makes its bathroom objects from steel/enamel that connects in an original way with the high quality of the surface of BETTE GLASUR as the super steel bath has the creative quality. You can see, experience, and feel the value of the product as a result of this high-quality manufacturing.


The glassy surface BETTE GLASUR is designed in a way to render you special health benefits as germs cannot prevail in the bathroom as well as there is no maintenance required on this smooth surface. A soft cloth is sufficient for its cleaning purposes. 


Bette increases the value of any object by manufacturing it according to latest standards so it will render you benefits over the entire useful life as the BETTE GLASUR is particularly durable. It preserves value as it is harder than plastic, marble, or iron by efficiently maintaining its hygienic and visual properties over the lifetime of the product.

Why Choose Bette Baths

Bette has made the task of choosing any bath easier for you as there are ranges pertinent to sizes, shapes from oval to rectangular by adding options such as extra depth and space-saving.It wouldn’t be easier for you to select from the huge variety of extras, anti-slip, feet, including grips, and tap holes so BETTE has paid great attention to each and every detail by creating a wonderful range of superior quality baths with a variety of options that simply means you can choose any bath that perfectly suits your needs.

There is a vast range of baths including double ended baths, asymmetrical baths, stunning silhouette baths for your contemporary baths so you will be excited due to the exciting range of BETTE.High-grade steel is used in the manufacturing of all Bette baths that includes titanium for durability and then finished off with BETTE GLAZE enamel for extra shine. The enamel and steel render you multiple benefits including a brilliant light reflecting surface and the use of 100% recyclable products.

The benefits of BETTE GLAZE are: scratch and impact resistant, smooth to touch, hygienic, robust and durable, resistant to chemicals, and U-V resistant.

Bette Accessories

Bette offers a range of incredible accessories to add even more luxury to your bathroom. There are a soft Bette Relax magnetic headrests available in single or pair, in white and black whereas the Bette bath grips are made for particular Bette baths and a set of Bette bath cradles / legs is also included in accessories. Bette waste and overflow fittings are made specifically for particular Bette baths whereas the Bette wall brackets are made to help install your bath. There is a handy Bette bath rubber to buffer small blemishes that appear over time.

All Bette baths are available in various size options, pre-drilled holes, with or without the optional leg set and twin grips. If you fit the product with a help of a qualified plumber then be satisfied as Bette is offering a guarantee of 30 years.