About Blanco

Blanco since its foundation in Germany from 1925 has been well-known for its cutting-edge technology and exceeding German standards of producing the best quality kitchen sinks and kitchen mixer taps along with the high-quality cooker hoods. The key materials used in the manufacturing of these products are stainless steel, ceramic and silgranit. Since its foundation till now Blanco has expanded its products as well its offices on the international level and it has total 1400 employees who are fully dedicated to doing their work through the success of this company. It is highly remarkable that in the year of 2015 Blanco has come over with 350 € millions, which is approximately 65% of the international markets. Blanco UK has like its parent company Blanco Germany is committed to engineering the best and high-quality sinks, taps, cooker hoods, and hobs.

Blanco Kitchen Sinks

While designing the outlook and décor of your home, it is also important to pay attention to your kitchen as well. Kitchens are the heart of house; therefore, it should look good while having great functionality and meeting up your designing requirements. While a kitchen is the heart of a house similarly a sink is the heart of a kitchen as most chores performed in the kitchen involves the sink. Hence, Blanco kitchen sinks with their cutting edge technology and innovations use the high-quality material like stainless steel, granite and ceramic in the manufacturing of these sinks while adding robustness and beauty in the products. Blanco also like to work as a trendsetter by introducing new and unique designs in its sinks ranges.

As the importance of a sink is clear, now it comes to the selection as to which one would be perfect. Blanco gives the variety of Silgranit kitchen sinks with easy cleaning and hygienic plus different options of colours, the Ceramic sinks with their universal compatibility and looks and the long lasting and tough stainless steel kitchen sinks, and each of these have their own advantages and privileges.

Blanco Silgranit Kitchen Sinks

Nevertheless, the most popular and well-admired in the British households are the Silgranit Kitchen Sinks which are 80% quartz composition of toughest ingredients of granite and a high-class acrylic matrix. These composite sinks with their certain unique qualities like durability, easy cleaning and food safety are getting popular day by day with a high demand in the market. Blanco as committed to providing the best introduced the finest granite sinks as SILGRANIT® Puradur® with having seven special copyrights and exclusive three neutral quality certificates. Blanco Adon XL 6 S and Blanco Alaros 6S are some of the most liked and popular silgranit kitchen sink in the UK households. These silgranit kitchen sinks come in a variety of designs and bowl options like the single bowl, one and a half bowl, and twin bowls along with the choice of sizes according to the kitchen area. Mostly they are available as in inset kitchen sinks and undermount kitchen sinks. These sinks are easily cleanable while using a piece of soft damp cloth and mild cleaning agent.

Blanco Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

The stainless steel kitchen sinks manufactured by Blanco are also very popular in a large number of British households. Blanco stainless steel sinks with their sharp and neat contours add not strength but also the beauty to the worktops of the kitchens. These sinks comply with all types of dishware to be rinsed off in them even the hotter ones as they are heat-resistant as well. These stainless steel sinks also fulfill the standards of hygiene and are far greatly suitable for food use. With its devotion to manufacturing the best, Blanco utilizes the 18/10 stainless steel in engineering these sinks. The figures represent the proportion of chrome and nickel included in the material of these stainless steel sinks while making them resistant to the rust stains and repulsive to the limscale residues. The easy way to be sure of the high-quality of a stainless steel kitchen sink is to measure its weight; the heavier the sink is the better it is in quality. Some of the most popular and well liked stainless steel sinks manufactured by Blanco come under the range of Blanco Andano stainless steel sinks and Blanco Attika stainless steel sinks. The installation of these sinks are availbale as either inset stainless steel sinks or as undermount kitchen sinks. These sinks are very easy to clean; all you need is to apply a cleaning agent, mostly ‘Cif’ recommended, on a piece of soft damp cloth then apply it on the sink and rinse it off with warm water.

Blanco Ceramic Sinks

Besides the silgranit kitchen sinks and stainless steel sinks Blanco Ceramic kitchen sinks are also very well-liked by a lot of households in the UK. With their beautiful and smooth finishing these ceramic sinks add to the elegancy of the kitchen designs. Blanco ceramic kitchen sinks are perfectly designed to go with both traditional and contemporary kitchen outlays. These sink, with the Ceramic PuraPlus® feature are resistant to any kind of dirt residues and are perfectly healthy and safe for food use. These sinks come in a variety of designs, colours and sizes along with the installation as either inset kitchen sinks or undermount kitchen sinks. Blanco Axon II 6 S and Blanco Palona 6 are some of the most popular ceramic sinks manufactured by Blanco. With their smooth surface they are also resistant to the development of limescale and stains; therefore, they are also very easy to clean just with the help of a piece of soft damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent.

Blanco Kitchen Taps

Like the kitchen sinks the kitchen mixer taps are also very essential part of the whole kitchen layout. Approximately 75 times a day is the number when a kitchen tap is used to perform different chores such as rinsing your food as well as cooking, filling the water in the kettle to make tea or coffee or nay other drink and most importantly washing the kitchen utensils. These are all the good reasons that lead to one single decision of choosing the right kitchen mixer tap for you. Blanco since its emergence has dedicated all its reasons to one single aim that is to provide you with best. The high-quality design and material used in these Blanco kitchen mixer taps along with fitting standards are the crystal clear design of the devotion that Blanco has for its customers. These Blanco faucets are manufactured using the granite, stainless steel and ceramic material to make these kitchen taps compatible with Blanco kitchen sinks. Most of the Blanco kitchen taps are approved by WRAS, LGA and DVWG and are compatible to be used in both households with high-pressure water system and low-pressure water system. Blanco kitchen taps has been manufacturing the high-quality water filter taps and taps with single lever and dual lever taps and pull-out kitchen taps. The most famous Blanco mixer taps come under the ranges of FILTRA FRESH, FELISA, CLOE, CULINA, CUBIC, LIVIA and BELLA. These Blanco mixer taps have scratch resistant finishing and are easily cleanable.

Blanco Ceramic and Induction Hobs

Though cooking is a loveable art and people enjoy it, but when there is a lot of heat and distasteful smells this art could turn into a horrific experience. There is no doubt when you are ravenous the smell of the food will be most relishing one for you. But once the hunger goes away that same relishing smell will become your nightmare till you get rid of it. Therefore, to save you from such bad experiences Blancoair with its extensive experience is now manufacturing the best cooker hoods. The extractor hoods manufactured by Blanco are mostly made stainless steel and some of them also use glass as manufacturing material. Hence, these Blanco cooker hoods are a combo of stainless steel and glass. Blanco extractor hoods with their high-quality performance have over 3 million distributions per year in the international market. These extractor hoods with their excellent extraction rate draw out the contaminated air and fill your kitchen with fresh filtered air. Blanco extractor hoods are available in versatile designs like canopy cooker hoods, integrated cooker hoods, wall extractor hoods, island cooker hoods and telescopic cooker hoods. All of these cooker hoods vary in their sizes and installation styles.

Blanco extractor hoods are compatible while used with 125mm diameter ducting with 3 meters length which can stimulate their extraction rate. The grease filters used in these cooker hoods are easily replaceable as well as washable. Blanco extractor hoods also come with different lighting options as in 40 watt traditional radiant bulbs, 20 watt halogen spots and LED lights which consume very low energy along with brightening your cooking area. For effective extraction and lessening the noise made during the extraction, Blanco cooker hoods have been utilizing the technology of ‘Contour air flow’. Adding up this feature in the cooker hoods assist in dispensing maximum energy and effectiveness to the whole speed settings, which result in low energy consumption by the motors in these cooker hoods without having any negative effect on the extraction.