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DIK GEURTS is a creation of flames that was acquired by DRU in 2007. It represents distinctive wood fire inserts and contemporary wood burning stoves of DRU. It successfully produces a range of multi-fuel and wood burning products that can cover all domestic applications. DIK wood burner stoves and fires are energy efficient, easy to use as well as built to stand the test of time. All the DIK wood fires and stoves deliver the cleanest possible combustion and high efficiency. All DIK’s products meet stringent quality standards as they are very pinnacle of wood burning technology. Everyone can produce a glorious wood fire with DIK GEURTS. Most of the DIK’s stoves have only one lever for regulating combustion air so they are exceptionally easy to operate. The robust build quality and sophisticated designing are the highlighted factors of DIK’s success.

Wood Burning Stoves of DIK GEURTS:

DIK GEURTS is renowned for producing high-quality wood burning stoves that are supplied all over the Europe and in the international market as well. The manufacturing of these stoves is done by employing the innovative technologies like AirWash system and Cleanburn technology so they are approved to be used in the Smoke Control Areas. DIK wood burner stoves have excellent capacity and high-efficiency ratings. These all factors are making DIK stoves best choice for warming the home in harshest winters. Cast iron is used in the manufacturing of these stoves that gives robustness to the stove’s body and makes them long lasting as well. They are available in various installation styles such as freestanding wood burning stoves, suspended wood burning stoves, inset wood burning stoves, and wall mounted wood burning stoves. Despite the excellent heat output and high-efficiency rating, these stoves have manual command controls. Their multiple fire-view styles including corner/2-sided wood burning stoves, see-through/tunnel wood burning stoves, front-view wood burning stoves, 3-sided wood burning stoves and panoramic view wood burning stoves are making them a wise choice for any home. The elegant designing of these stoves can suit well to all tastes and interiors.

Simplicity of Operation:

All DIK wood Fires and stoves deliver high efficiency through the simple operating system and the cleanest possible combustion is included in their features. The combining of primary air with secondary air flow ensures maximum combustion so nothing is complicated in these stoves.