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Dovre Stoves and Fireplaces

Dovre with its over 60 years’ experience in the field of manufacturing fire products has successfully expanded the range of its products including stoves and fireplaces. With the Norwegian legacy in its name, Dovre has gloriously engineered the variety of wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves and fireplaces with high-efficiency heat output that will bring warmth even to those houses surrounded by the bitterest and freezing Arctic winters.

With the high-quality cast iron used in the manufacturing of the stoves and fireplaces, Dovre with its long time experience and specialty provides an exceptionally 5-year guarantee for the durability and robustness of its fireplaces and stoves. Therefore, Dovre with its persistent dedication to utilizing the cutting-edge technologies for having excellent performance and high-efficiency ratings provide you with the best yet beautiful traditional as well as contemporary wood burning, multi-fuel stoves, gas stoves and electric stoves and fireplaces.

Burn Clean & Stay Green With Dovre Wood Burning Stoves

In the harshest winters, the exquisite and calming feeling is when you have a glass of red wine and you are sitting in front of fire from a full sized wood burning stove. The good thing is that these wood burner stoves by Dovre feature the latest Cleanburn technology. Therefore, by getting these wood burning and multi-fuel stoves you will be decreasing the carbon traces along with having high-efficiency ratings.

The Cleanburn technology infuses air to the main areas of the firebox in these stoves; therefore, it not only stimulates the heat output but also lessens the number of turns that you have to refuel them. Hence, it guarantees cleaners stoves with more competent burning which results in less refueling and more savings of your money.

When the wood burns in these wood burner stoves, it produces gasses and igniting these gasses in the burning process stimulates the heat output. The whole ignition process works as the air is induced above the fire resulting in the burning of the gasses. Thus, providing maximum heat output and minimizing the quantity of the smoke particles from moving above in the chimney. This whole process provides the complete burning of the wood fuel without damaging the air and environment.

Using wood as fuel in the Dovre stoves will not only provide maximum heat output but it will also be beneficial for the environment. Hence, wood burning emits carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air which is quite essential for the growth of the plants and trees. The more wood you burn the more CO2 you produce helping in the growth process of the plants and trees. Therefore, with these qualities Dovre wood burning stoves are held to be eco-friendly. With the minimum outlet of the smoke these wood burning stoves are approved to be used in metropolitan Smoke Control Areas.

Dovre has a vast variety of contemporary wood burning and multi-fuel stoves as well as traditional wood burning and multi-fuel stoves with different designs, styles and sizes along with maximum heat output up to 10kw, which is suitable for any home is the freezing winters.

Electric Stoves Tailored To Your Home

As the freezing winters approach fast, all the artistic attraction and visions you might have for your home in the summers seem distant and drifting away for the pleasuring comfort of your rooms in the summers has been marred by the coldness of the winters. Suddenly you will find your room cold and soggy which barely doesn’t work as a motivation to rise and shine early in the winter mornings. In the Scandinavian winters, it is nearly impossible to deal with the heating competency and effectiveness of a listed house with the limitations of any change in its exteriors and interiors. Therefore, going for the heating appliances as in electrical will be the best option for solving this problem at hand, yet if you go for the gawky storage heaters for your remarkably designed rooms it will be an entirely realistic approach but then there will be surrendering of the interior design of your house.

The good news is that now there is an observation of increased design reliability of the electric stoves introduced into the market by those manufacturers that not only pay attention to the appearance of their products but utilize the latest technologies to strengthen the performance of these products. Consequently, you will be getting the products that will not only be the source of heating up your house in the winters but will also be a perfect match to the interior design of your home.

Like the traditional wood burner stoves, the electric stoves are also mad of the tough cast iron material to have a strong body. The usage of cast iron in these stoves stimulates the spreading of warmth in the room along with assuring the robustness of these stoves. It also has the capacity of being used densely where the material is required more, along with the elaboration of the outlines for an attractive finishing.

However, the traditional electric stoves fall in to the modern electric stoves as they feature the ground-breaking and revolutionary flame effect technology. The fuel effects used in these electric stoves are apt of progressively being more practical; some of them are hand painted and most of the fuel effects are illustrated as entirely wood logs with bright ashes and embers. The usage of the Veriflame TM technology in these stoves gives the liberty of variety in the flame effect from being low to high and mostly including a blue option to give a totally different experience. All this allows you to enjoy the flame effects excluding the heat output of the stove for impressive visuals in the summer evenings.

As for where the heat output is concerned, these electric stoves are well-known for featuring a variety of temperature settings and give out up to 2kw heat, which is considered to be quite sufficient for warming a bedroom or at least a considerable part of an area of large gatherings. All you need to run these electric stoves is an electricity socket and a remote control with a quick switch button to turn on the ‘fire’, the plus point of the electric fire is that once you switch it on, it will begin to make difference in the room temperature right away. The capacity of immediately supplying heat to contained areas with the 99% efficiency ratings of these electric stoves give you the edge of using them whenever and wherever you need them the most. It is great importance to pay attention to the heat output considering the rise in the energy bills, the electric stoves with these ratings are smart choice as they can bring some decrease in your utility bills along with the coldness in the weather.

Whether you select an inset electric stove or freestanding electric stove for your home or room, it doesn’t require a flue or any kind of installation, which means all you have to do is simply buy your stove, select a place for it, plug it in and just take pleasure from the instant heat it will produce.


It is important as being sure that you purchase your stove or fireplace from a certified dealer. As he or she will be able to provide you with accurate information about the product along with the correct installation of the appliance and afterward provide you with any kind of compulsory after-sales assistance.

To find the exact model matching your needs and requirements you must come up with a number questions and conduct a thorough research to find the right answers. Though, it may seem that you are putting a lot of efforts and time to get the right product but it will eventually pay you back when your utility bills will be reduced while you and your family along with your guests will be taking pleasure from the dancing flames whereas the outside weather would be cold and freezing.

In case of any further information regarding the newest stoves and fires, please visit our showroom.