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Dru For me                  

Dru is known as one of the leading brands throughout Europe as it has been successfully manufacturing innovative fireplaces, contemporary gas fires, and functional gas wall heaters for so many years.

The brand is famous for its balanced flue system due to which gas fires can be installed with or without a chimney. This efficient flue system was developed by Dru in the 1960’s and it provided a base for thousands of gas appliances today.

DRU in the 21st century

The wide experience of Dru is making possible for it to manufacture gas fires according to the latest trends. Dru is the largest producer of wall mounted fires, gas heaters, balanced flue gas fires and a hole in the wall gas fires throughout the Europe as well as multi-fuel stoves and Dru fires are also its famous products.

The dealership network of Dru spans Europe and beyond as well as it has operations in 3 countries. Dru enjoyed the award of the prestigious designation of ‘Hofleverancier’ on its 250th anniversary.

Dru believes in innovation so it has added excellent innovative features including Dru Eco Wave tablet, PowerVentR extended flue system and the smartphone control app to its gas fire collection. More on, it also included Dru built in gas fires that are affordable and practical, as well as they, are available with slim profiles in various shapes, capacities, and sizes.

Unbeatable Dru Quality within the budget

Dru is striving to render the benefits of high-quality Dru fires to everyone including the average households by offering low prices. Dru is turning your imaginative designs into reality with its robust engineering standards so they will provide comfort for years and years to come.

Balanced flue and conventional flue formats both are available in Global gas fires. The balanced flue version is successfully offering efficiency, flexibility, and style by installing with or without a traditional chimney. Dru makes sure the easy and economy installation of its conventional flue versions so they are designed to be inserted into Class 1 Irish or British chimneys.

Global Gas Fires are available in 2 and 3 sided, freestanding, and hole-in-the-wall versions. There are some unique models also with custom-designed fire surrounds, a cavity wall fire and outer frames that can be easily installed into a pre-cast flue or a brick.

Wall mounted Fires

Dru Fires is producing the finest selections of the hole in the wall gas fires that can be effortlessly installed with or without a chimney. Dru hole in the wall gas fires is available in various styles. All these models are operated by remote control as well as they are glass fronted. Balanced flue gas fires are one of the main forms of the hole in the wall fires. These fires include models such as Passeo, Metro, and Scenic that are frameless and have striking appeal.

Balanced flue hole in the wall gas fires including Largo and the Venteo have fire surrounds in a large variety of eye-catching stone finishes that can perfectly set the flame picture of the fires. There are fire bed options of twigs, logs, stones, and interiors such as rustic brick effects and polished steel. There are unlimited options in designs that can coordinate well with your own decor.

Dru is also producing a hole in the wall gas fires that can effortlessly fit into a conventional chimney. They are including models such as Dru Global 70 and Global 90. Most of the hole in the wall fires can run on either LPG or natural gas as they have high efficiency.

A minimal amount of building renovation is enough for built in the Drue hole in the wall gas fires into a brick chimney breast. You can still enjoy the wall gas fires if you don’t have a chimney. Dru is also supplying false chimney breasts in heat resistant models that can easily imitate the effect of a real chimney as well as can perfectly set off the hole in the wall gas fires.

Visit our showroom in Leicester for further information regarding Dru gas heaters and Dru hole in the wall gas fires.

Balanced flue gas fire

A concentric flue is used for connecting the balanced flue gas fires (or closed combustion gas fires) to the outside atmosphere as they are efficient and modern gas fires. Balanced flue gas fires have higher-than-average energy efficiency ratings due to their modern fireplace engineering standards and closed combustion system.

There is no restriction in terms of balanced flue gas fires and chimney size as they are available in multiple shapes, sizes, and styles. There are portrait, letterbox, and landscape models; 2-3 sides, as well as there, are see-through tunnel fires and freestanding contemporary gas stoves also. Most of these models can be combined with a wide range of beautiful, tailor-made outer frames and natural stone fire surrounds to enhance the visual appearance of fires.

Balanced flue gas fires are available with pebbles, stones, authentic log effect displays, natural looking twigs, and even anthracite glass. Interiors include natural stone, glossy black or matt finish, mirrored Ceraglass and classic brick.

High-efficiency gas fires

Modern high-efficiency gas fires that are manufactured by Dru have multiple built-in features that contribute well to their exceptional operation.

All gas fires are room sealed appliances and glass-fronted. Fuel will not be wasted during the operation as the combustion process takes place within an airtight chamber.

The conventional flue gas fire has a direct connection with the cavity inside an existing chimney by using the air from the living room for producing a beautiful flame picture with high energy savings.

The air for the combustion is drawn from outside the building in the case of balanced flue gas fires with waste gases excluded to the outside by using a concentric flue. This results in a stunning fire with the lowest energy consumption.

Dru has introduced the latest technology to control systems for its gas fires. The remote controls provided by Dru are completely electronic with room temperature displays so you will be able to easily regulate the heat output of the fire to save a heavy amount of energy.

Dru Eco Wave app is more impressive for smartphones and tablets. It will make you able to design an individual flame pattern, whilst at the same time, you can reduce the heat output of the fire to save maximum energy.

Glass Fronted Gas fires

Gas fires that are manufactured and designed with glass fronts and glass cases are used in the case of wall mounted gas fires. This practice is for reasons of functionality, visual appeal, safety, and energy efficiency.

Modern safety glass can withstand the heat generated by gas fires. They also give a perfect frame to interior modern gas fires and realistic fire beds.

A clear view of non-reflective glass can be seen in Dru freestanding fires that effortlessly replicate the appearance of an open fire.

The glass is not for aesthetic reasons only but the presence of the glass makes sure that the appliance is completely room-sealed so the air flow will be restricted to the chimney or concentric flue and the fire chamber.

The closed combustion system of Dru produces high flames, high energy efficient ratings, and substantial heat output that are essential to meet today’s stringent building specifications.

Dru Guarantee

Dru’s all products are manufactured by following the high-quality standards. Each Dru stove has to go through multiple meticulous tests before leaving the factory. A guarantee of ten years is provided on concentric flue materials whereas the guarantee is of two years on model components.