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  12. Iowa (1)
  13. Londa (1)
  14. Memphis (1)
  15. Nebraska (1)
  16. Phantom (1)
  17. Scala (1)
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Evonic Fires

Evonic Fires popular all over the world is the daughter company of world renowned CK Fires Ltd, situated right outside the popular location of Stratford-Upon-Avon in Warwickshire, UK. Being the hometown of the all-times favourite and everlasting legendary English drama writer William Shakespeare, Stratford-Upon-Avon holds a very important place in the historical world of English Literature. This place draws the attention of many people and especially of those who are totally into the literature and aesthetics. Evonic fires initiated the designing of the new selection of their electric fires as well as electric suites by the year of 2012 which expanded their ranges of fire comprising of the inset electric fires and freestanding electric fires. With the utilization of the ultra-modern innovative technologies such as the latest 3D LED designs in the crafting and manufacturing of the electric fires Evonic fires incorporated an attention-grabbing and stunning flame effect in the fire collections. The homeowners, who have their homes modernly designed, certainly want the fires that will complement the interiors and for them the modern electric fires designed by Evonic fires are the perfect choice. To add into the beauty and decoration of your place, Evonic fires offer the whole new assortment of the modern electric fires with a vast variety of different finishing colours.

Evonic Electric Fires

Evonic electric fires are quite popular among a majority of British households as they come with the simplicity and freedom of installation styles. These modern electric fires are also ideal and very popular when it comes to the human health and environment safety concerns due their utilization of electricity as fuel which make them smoke-free. With the consumption of electricity as fuel and being smoke-free these Evonic electric fires prevent the emission of any venomous gases and fumes like the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, other fuel types like natural gas, LPG, wood or solid fuel have more chance to emanate such gases into the atmosphere. Evonic electric fires are also very stylish as well as popular in the UK households because of their 99% heat efficiency as they give out maximum heat without losing any of it in the chimney or any other special venting, for, none of them is required. With the utilization of Evoflame technology Evonic electric fires are efficient right through the year whether it is winter season or the pleasant summers. Some of the most prominent ranges of Evonic inset electric fires are as Evonic AmathusEvonic HarlemEvonic Casal and Evonic Iowa. As far as the Evonic wall-mounted electric fires are considered, they are accessible as Evonic LondaEvonic ScalaEvonic Tesla and Evonic Horizonte. Excluding the 3D electric fires, all other Evonic electric fires are designed with the utilization of the industry standard 20W low energy bayonet fitting light bulb. These modern electric fires offer 1-2kw heat setting and with the inclusion of the flame effect you can also use them without the heater.