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A flashback of Flamerite

Flamerite is a family firm, based in Lichfield with a successful history of manufacturing award winning, innovative suites, electric fires, and stoves. 1999 was the year when it was established. The creativity, energy and enthusiasm of its founders led them to shake up the conservative electric fire market by introducing its radical new designs that remain as fresh as ever. The consumers that are aware of interior designs are now appealed of its electric fires. Flamerite is successfully supporting the independent retail sector in the UK so you can get its products only through showrooms.

Flamerite’s working strategy

The woodworking facility of Flamerite fires makes them able to offer its customers more choice and makes sure the consistent and a high-quality finish are maintained on its surroundings. Products of Flamerite are tailored to fit as customers have the options to specify a size of surround for any of their preferred fire that fits their space precisely.

Choice in finishing

Customers have the options to choose the finish for their favourite suite that can match in the best way to their home. From shimmering white to classic clean as well as from stone effect to wood veneer, multiple choices are available for customers.

Flamerite fires are designed for living

A range of high-quality electric fires is designed to inspire. From the quirky to the elegant, from classically cosy to ultra-modern, the flamerite fire will offer a striking focal point in any style of the room. Many of these models offer a choice of trim and fuel bed by allowing its customers to personalise their fire to flawlessly suit their setting.

Features of Flamerite Flames

Flamerite provides a log fuel effect through its CinderWood feature as its internal radiant burn at the heart of your fire. Omni Glide is a tilting glass panel that has the ability to enhance the flame picture by creating infinite depth and at the same time, it encloses the fuel bed and conceals the heater. The RADIA FLAME feature makes possible the strong image of a flame with a deep fuel reflection. NITRA FLAME renders lively and warm flame image with a deep fuel reflection.

Energy Efficient Fires

Flamerite is known as the first electric fire company who introduced low energy LED technology. All the flamerite fires can be used independently to give you relaxing and warm glow all year round. The running cost of these fires can be negligible as a minimum output is of 5W for the majority of fires so the overall cost will be saved. 100% efficiency is possible through 750W of heat by zero wastage so it will be a huge positive for you as well as for the environment.

Flamerite Corello

Flamerite Corello is the stylish and most famous range of Flamerite with polished silver trim around the main fascia. This extremely popular fire has quite an appealing look. It will render a modern focal point by leaving a valuable floor space. The fascia of this highly capable range is manufactured in metal with a choice of cream stone, dark, or graphite effect finish suitable for any interior design schemes.