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Flavel Fires

Flavel fires when for the first time laid the foundation of their industry they started on a different business line, as since its inception this world renowned fire products manufacturer as it is known these days, had gone through many evolving stages of its business. One of the most popular of the French Vikings the Norman Victor, William Flavel the first of the Flavel Family stepped his foot into the British lands and the Flavel Family moved into the lands of the London Worcestershire, Leicestershire and the last in Warwickshire at different periods of history with the purpose of settling there. William in the mid of the 17th century at the area of Bilton started his business of mass-production of gunpowder and ammunitions which flourished by day and night at those times with a very obvious reason of this success which was the clashes of the British nation with many other nations of the world. By the year of 1833, the company moved into its currently existing site the Eagle Foundry, at the side of the location of the building can be spotted a branch of the railway track that was connected to the factory linking it to the Great Western Railway.

The true cause that brought the company to its well-established reputation was the “Patent Kitchener”. It was the original and first of all cooking appliances that surpassed the open fire and spit, the Kitchener in the year of 1851 was put on display for the first time at the Great Exhibition that was held at the “Crystal Palace”. Since its beginning, Flavel was quite popular for introducing innovations into the marketplace; despite the fact that in 1965 it had been designing the Flavel gas fires at a micro level yet keeping up with its high reputation Flavel introduced the original furniture fire with a wood surround named Debonair. In the subsequent six years, this flavel gas fire revolutionized the British marketplace by selling one and half million models, which was a colossal success that wasn’t witnessed in the case of other fire manufacturing brands ever.

Later, in the coming years, the company carried on to operate under the name of Sidney Flavel and Co. till the year of 1974 when it was merged with the Glynwed Group which later came to an end in 1998 and the Flavel brand consequently was passed on to the Agafoodservice Group. Being a food corporation the Agafoodservices Group shared very little interest in the heating products, so, subsequently the Flavel brand and its property rights for manufacturing gas fires had been purchased by the BFM Europe (officially as CFM Europe) in the year of 2002, since then the original name of Flavel had been revived and restored and has been acknowledged worldwide as one of the best brands for manufacturing high-quality gas fires in the heating industry.

Flavel Gas Fires                   

Flavel fires have been very popular in manufacturing the best flavel gas fires in the heating industry. The flavel gas fires include different ranges and models of fires as they are available in the designs of open front gas fires, glass fronted gas fires and balanced flue gas fires. The open front flavel gas fires will give your fireplace the appearance of an open fire with the heat efficiency of up to 74% and will be beneficial for providing lower running costs as compared to the gas fires of other brands.  The glass fronted flavel gas fires are popular due to their two types of heat output i.e. radiant heat and convected heat. The radiant heat is provided through the coal effect fuel bed while the convected heat is the result of the process in which the cool air is fetched into the base area of the fire, passing via a heat exchanger and lastly released as warm air through the opening over the fire canopy. The glass fronted gas fires are the most efficient models available with conventional flue system. The balanced flue flavel gas fires are most popular in those houses which don’t have any pre-constructed chimney or flue. A balanced flue gas fire particularly features a flue terminal that has a direct outlet through the outside wall of the house. The balanced flue gas fires are mostly glass fronted and are more heat efficient than the conventional flue gas fires.

Popular Ranges of Flavel Gas Fires

            As aforementioned, Flavel fires are particularly famous and well-liked for their gas fires as they are quite affordable, highly efficient and perfect to be used in the British houses due to the long history of Flavel as England’s native manufacturers. The most popular ranges of gas fires manufactured by Flavel Fires are Flavel Regent Gas Fire, Flavel Rocco Gas Fire, Flavel Windsor Gas Fire, Flavel Atlanta Balanced Flue Gas Fire, Flavel Calypso Gas Fire, Flavel Strata Gas Fire and Flavel Renoir Gas Fire.

Flavel Stoves

Besides designing the high-quality gas fires, Flavel also has been designing the highly efficient and long-lasting flavel stoves that run on both solid fuel and natural gas as well. These multi-fuel stoves and gas stoves are designed complying with the high standards of aesthetics, functionality and flexibility. Manufactured from high-quality steel and cast iron materials, these flavel stoves are long-lasting and durable. All of the flavel stoves are DEFRA approved, therefore, they are highly recommended to be used in the Smoke Control Areas as well. The most popular ranges that come under the flavel stoves are Flavel Thurcroft gas stove, Flavel No.1 CV05 multi-fuel stove and Flavel SQ05 multi-fuel stove.

High Efficiency

Flavel gas fires, flavel multi-fuel stoves and flavel gas stoves have been well-reputed and admired for their high-efficiency heat output in the heating industry. Most of the flavel gas fires are up to 94% heat efficient and the multi-fuel stoves and flavel gas stoves are heat efficient up to 85%.

BSI Testing

All the flavel gas fires and flavel stoves are separately British Standards Institution (BSI) tested, accepted and confirmed safe to be used for the British households. BSI being an independent organization, as it is not owned by the British government, any specific industry or stakeholders, is completely objective concerning their testing and certification. Given to this fact, the evaluations carried out by BSI are considered being more authentic comparing to those testing organizations that are owned by the government or the shareholders with their personal interest.