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A Flashback of Gazco Fires

Gazco Ltd was established in 1988 as a sister company of a successful manufacturer, Stovax Ltd that has been managing its operations of manufacturing fires and stoves since 1981. They are exporting their products worldwide and working very closely together for many years. High-quality fires and stoves are the results of the effective collaboration of these two companies. Yeoman, an established manufacturer of wood burning stoves was purchased by Gazco in 2006. Wood burning fires, electric stoves, multi-fuel fires and gas fires are distinctively produced by Gazco. The secret behind the success of Gazco is its continuous advancements in the development of high-efficiency fire technology so it helps Gazco to remain at the forefront of the market.

Future Plans of Gazco Fires

As the depletion of fossil fuels causing many problems and an unprecedented increase is also seen in their costs so the wood can be used as an economical source of energy. Gazco will continue to design and manufacture high-efficiency stoves to render ‘green’ heating for the 21st century. The company is also committing itself to research the alternative technologies for providing heating in the years ahead.

Wood Burning Fires of Gazco

They are designed to create a striking centerpiece in your living room or anywhere you install it. The exciting range of highly efficient Gazco wood burning stoves can effortlessly give a stylish finish to any living space. There are hearth-mounted, built-in and freestanding fires included in the range of Gazco wood burning fires. These fires are designed, manufactured, and tested to the highest possible safety and quality standards.

Multi-fuel Fires of Gazco

Gazco Multi-fuel fires will offer you great possibilities for the interior of all proportions as many of them are designed for peat/turf briquettes, smokeless fuels, and logs as multi-fuel appliances. These Gazco fires come in a range of sizes and styles including Gazco built-in fires, hearth-mounted fires, and freestanding fires as well as there is an option of open fire also that comes with their Riva TM Open Convectors. An amazingly designed range of landscape and portrait formatted fires are suitable for built-in to the wall installations. The carbon neutral benefits have increased the popularity of burning wood due to which the demand of Gazco multi-fuel fires is also increasing.

Gas Fires of Gazco

The popularity of gas appliances is continuously rising and it is still possible to achieve a classic Inset gas fire look with decorative front and frame by getting a coal fuel effect. Gazo is providing exciting options including the installation of a cassette fire into the wall for creating ‘hole in the wall’ look along with many other choices.

Electric Fires of Gazco

With the elimination of chimney or flue, the Gazco electric fires can simply be plugged in. From the chic inset fires of Gazco to the stunning range of ‘hang on the wall fires’ highly efficient electric fires of Gazco are suitable for many homes. This beautifully designed selection will help you to the select perfect Gazco electric fire by taking care of your existing appliance to maintain its optimum performance.

Gazco’s Traditional Stoves

The traditional stoves of Gazco provide high-efficiency heating for all interior styles and fuel types. They are made from the steel construction or finest cast iron. Airwash and Cleanburn technology is used in the traditional Gazco wood burning stoves and Gazco multi-fuel stoves. In short, these stoves will allow more heat delivery into the room and lesser going up to the chimney. Many models of these stoves are available with remote controls.

Gazco’s Contemporary Stoves

A wide range of contemporary stoves is manufactured by Gazco to suit a variety of homes. They are designed either for multi-fuel, gas, wood burning and electric. Gazco is providing a riddling grate in its multi-fuel stoves that will allow ash to be riddled into a built-in ashpan for creating optimum conditions for efficient combustion. Wood burns efficiently on a bed of ashes so wood burning stoves have fixed grate and no ashpan. The Gazco gas stoves allow easy and quick operation by featuring highly realistic coal or log fuel beds. A remote control is provided with both Gazco electric stoves and Gazco gas stoves for adding convenience and ease.