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About RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramics was established in the 1991 and RAK Ceramics as an international manufacturer of ceramic products is located in the Persian Gulf Sheikhdom of Ras Al Khaimah. It is one of the best and largest ceramic products manufacturers of the world. RAK has expertise in manufacturing the finest quality ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tiles along with high-quality sanitaryware. It has manufactured 110 million square metres of tiles and 5 million sets of sanitaryware annually at its 16 modern and high-tech factories located over the United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh and Iran.

Though the headquarters of RAK Ceramics is located in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) they cater for consumers across more than 150 countries via their set-up of operational centers in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, North and South America and Australia. RAK has been introducing innovations in its products with the help of its 1500 employees from more than 40 nationalities.

RAK is well renowned for its expertise in creating iconic products that are mostly utilized by historical and landmark buildings all over the world. It is also recognized all over the world for its extensive product variety and also its expertise in engineering personalized and custom-made collections for small as well as large scale ventures, which empowers its consumers to execute their ideas. At RAK, they put their best efforts to see through the buildings’ interior and exterior decoration plans and ideas when it comes to ceramic tiles and sanitaryware products, while giving attention to every single detail whether it is minor or major. This ambition and passion of RAK makes it possible for you to benefit from a collection of flawless ceramics products, along with the choice of bringing creativity and a lot of imagination into the styling.

Another plus point for RAK Ceramics is being the very first company of the UAE that was rewarded with the ISO 9001 certification. The InternationallyRecognized UK AccreditedCertificationBody CICS for ceramics tiles and sanitary-ware had awarded this certification to RAK Ceramics. Later RAK Ceramics also effectively put into operation the ISO 9001:2008 licensed by the Bureau Veritas Certifications including the designs, improvements, construction and distribution of the ceramics and porcelain floor and wall tiles, porcelain slabs and vitreous china sanitaryware, acrylic baths and shower trays, toilet seats and covers are also included.

RAK Toilets

RAK Ceramics have more than 20 years’ experience is well-known for manufacturing the best bathroom products with high-quality designs. RAK is recognized worldwide as a trend setter in bathware including elegantly designed closed coupled WC and compact toilets. Thelatter are also known as short projection toilets which are ideal to be installed in bathrooms with small spaces. Other popular styles of toilets engineered by RAK also have high demand all over the world. The styles of these toilets are back-to-wall toilets and wall-hung toilets which are also available in two different options as toilets with rim and rimless pans. The back-to-wall toilets from RAK are exceptionally functional and high-quality. These toilets are also offered with soft-close toilet seats and they are also suitable for bathrooms with small spaces as the cistern is concealed into the wall. These RAK toilets are popular in British households requiring special needs as they come with supporting handles. While the wall-hung toilets with their smooth and fine contours offer style and elegance to the modern bathrooms. These toilets include a soft-close wrap over urea seat along with an identical cover. The most popular ranges of these RAK toilets are RAK Elena, RAK Metropolitan and RAK Compact and RAK Series 600.

RAK Basins

Now bring more comfort and elegance in your bathroom with the installation of RAK basins. RAK Ceramics with its nearly 25 years’ experience has been manufacturing world-class bathroom basins. These basins are made of high-quality vitreous china and are very easy to clean and maintain. The white glossy colour of these bathroom basins will give your bathroom a look of purity, simplicity and elegance. RAK basins come in different installations styles as wall-hung basins, freestanding basins, under counter basins and counter top basins. These modern bathroom basins are also available in versatile shapes as rounded basins, oval basins; corner basins and square shaped basins. The most popular ranges of these RAK basins are RAK Elena, RAK Metropolitan and RAK Compact and RAK Series 600.

RAK Baths

The EasyFlow Acrylic baths manufactured by RAK Ceramics will bring optimal relieve to your bathroom. The symmetrical RAK baths are forged with the EasyFlow sanitary acrylic sheet, marked to the UK terms of manufacturing bath-ware. The white finish of these compact baths will give a great look to your bathroom. RAK Ceramics design these baths into two major installation styles i.e. drop-in baths and freestanding baths. These baths come in different sizes and shapes but the most popular ones are straight baths which are available either as single-ended baths or double-ended baths. The most popular ranges of these RAK baths are RAK Metropolitan and RAK Reserva.

RAK Ranges

Though all the bathroom products by RAK Ceramics are very popular and well-liked in the UK, some are exceptionally in high demand. RAK Series 600, RAK Compact, RAK Rimless Deluxeand RAK Metropolitan are some of these. These ranges have a stylish yet modest look along with prices that are very affordable. These ranges from RAK Ceramics are particularly popular among a large number of households with small-space bathrooms. All these ranges are manufactured with high-quality vitreous china material along with forging them with EasyFlow sanitary acrylic sheet to make them hygienic, long-lasting and durable. Therefore, all bathroom products manufactured by the RAK Ceramics fulfill the sanitary and hygiene standards set by the internationally Recognized UK Accredited Certification Body CICS.