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Why Royce Morgan

Royce Morgan, originating in the center of West Yorkshire, by three businessmen coming together with idea of starting a company to engineer the finest, stylish, smooth and high-quality freestanding baths for the UK. It has been only a decade and Royce Morgan baths are now the largest selling baths of their kind in the UK. The baths that Royce Morgan manufactures are a perfect illustration of using high standards, and what makes Royce Morgan different from others is the approach that it has towards customer satisfaction. It provides comprehensive 24/7 access to information along with after-sales care and advice. The teams at Royce Morgan are dedicated in using their talents to bring new designs, techniques and bringing to market the most luxurious freestanding baths.In a nutshell, the novel yet practical products from Royce Morgan have completely transformed the world of baths.

Give your bathroom an ultimate solution

Royce Morgan’s freestanding baths will entirely transform the appearance of any bathroom by giving it an outstanding piece showpieceboosting the beauty of the surroundings. Royce Morgan with years and years of expertise have engineered a vast collection of traditional and elegant bathsgiving an timeless look to your bathroom. The elegantly formed design and beautiful finish of contemporary Royce Morgan baths will remain with you for a very long time. The wide collection of Royce Morgan baths includes single-ended and double-ended baths which are available in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes giving you the freedom of selecting the bath that perfectly meet your requirements.

Ranges of Royce Morgan

Contemporary Baths:These contemporary baths from Royce Morgan are the result of the implementation of revolutionary technologies along with unyielding ideas for their designs. The constant improvement and sophistication symbolizes the Royce Morgan approach to manufacturing elegant, exclusive and spectacular contemporary baths that instantaneously add to the whole visual appearance of the bathroom.

Royce Morgan Modern baths Range consists of Clarence baths, Blenheim baths, Woburn baths, Kirkstall baths, Bamburgh baths, Kingswood baths, Osaka baths, Hexham baths, Lona baths, Althorp baths, Westminster baths, Bolton baths, Chiswick baths, Barwick baths and Camber baths.

Traditional Baths: The undying and everlasting designs of Royce Morgan traditional baths will instantly enhance the opulenceof your bathroom.  In any larger bathroom these baths truly become the focal point. Royce Morgan traditional baths are manufactured with the inclusion of the European white double skinned sanitary grade acrylic in the material which has outstanding thermal properties.  Chrome plated aluminium is used in the manufacturing of the feet of these baths giving them both resilience and robustness.

Royce Morgan Traditional bath Range consists of Kensington baths, Chatsworth baths, Windsor baths, Lambeth baths, Crystal baths, Orlando baths, Balmoral baths,Tempa baths, Miami baths, Chillingham baths, Notre baths, Melrose baths, Melrose baths, Oakley baths, Aldo baths and Hilton baths.

Royce Morgan Black Baths.This collection of Royce Morgan baths comprises of fantastic baths which are a great combination of curves and straight lines that are inspirationally energizing and very exclusive to provide elegance to the bathroom. Like other collections of Royce Morgan this one is also manufactured with the inclusion of the European white double skinned sanitary grade acrylic in its material, thus making it easy to maintain the baths.  In addition the cleanliness of these baths is very easy without the need for any back breaking effort.

Royce Morgan black baths Range consists of Pearl baths, Ebony baths, Onyx baths, Ruby baths, Sunstone baths, Graphite baths, Topaz baths, Opal baths, Black Amber, Quartz, Moonstone baths

Protection of Freestanding bath designs

Every single Freestanding bath from Royce Morgan carries the “CE” mark which allows them to be sold within the European Union’s strict requirements. The “CE” mark verifies that all the Royce Morgan products meet the requirements of the harmonized European Standard No. EN 14516.