Solid Fuel Fireplaces

    Nexus offers a range of solid fuel fireplaces, with various fuel options including wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves. The bonus of wood burning stoves is that wood is an eco-friendly and sustainable fuel source. Many of the wood burning & multi-fuel stoves available at Nexus feature the innovative Cleanburn technology to product smoke- and fume-free heat, along with the Airwash System to keep the glass door and other parts of the stove clean.These wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves also come in different finishing materials, such as stainless steelcast ironglass and chrome, with various colour options. Not only that, but these solid fuel stoves also have various fire view options, such as front-view wood stovescorner/2-sided stoves and panoramic view stoves. Nexus stock solid fuel stoves from the leading brands, including Dimplex stovesAGA stovesDovre stoves and DRU stoves.


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    1. AGA Stoves (8)
    2. Dik Geurts (20)
    3. Dovre (21)
    4. DRU (2)
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    1. 300-399 (1)
    2. 400-499 (15)
    3. 500-599 (7)
    4. 600-699 (4)
    5. 700-799 (2)
    6. 800-899 (1)
    + -Fuel
    1. Multi-Fuel (8)
    2. Wood (45)
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    1. 3kw to 4.9kw (18)
    2. 5kw to 7.4kw (32)
    3. 7.5kw and above (29)

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    Wood Stoves of all Top Brands

    Nexus is the only platform from where you can get the wood stoves of all top brands at discounted prices. It specialises in home decor by introducing the wood stoves of high quality. Nexus is assisting you for over 13 years by giving you pre and post-sale assistance to satisfy you in the most effective way. It is based in Leicester and East Midlands. The efforts of Nexus are to enliven your life by the inspirational home solutions. Those who are residents of UK should be happy as Nexus will deliver your desired wood stove at your doorstep by offering realistic prices. Quality assurance is the main thing that is helping Nexus to be a leading supplier throughout the UK. You should be confident while purchasing stoves from Nexus as all your details, payments, and orders are in the safe hands.


    Gazco is considered as the UK’s largest fireplace and stove producer with an excellent range of styles from traditional to contemporary that can suit well to everyone’s requirements. Gazco wood burning stoves incorporate the very latest combustion technology through which it provides superior heating efficiencies and superb flame control. The advanced firebox engineering of Gazco is combined with the cutting edge technology for clean and efficient burning. The emissions during burning are lowered so it compliance well with future Ecodesign emission standards.


    Dimplex fires are famous for creating cosy welcoming atmosphere as it offers the authentic warmth of wood burning stoves. They can be installed easily and quickly. They usually featured with single air control as well as they have rear air inlet that allows connection to outside air supply. All wood burning stoves of Dimplex meet the UK building regulation standards and most of them are supplied with a heat resistant mitten.


    The wood burning stoves of DRU look equally beautiful in traditional and modern properties. They are connected with a flexible flue that can match well with the colour of wood stoves. They are energy efficient and your cost for operating these stoves will also be saved.


    DIK stoves and wood fires are not only easy to use but they are energy efficient as well. They produce clean burning and designed to stand the test of time. These stoves can cover all domestic applications as they are versatile and work beyond the expectations. All the models of DIK wood burning stoves meet most stringent quality standards so their functionality is unbeatable from every aspect.


    Investing in AGA stoves is simply means that you are acquiring a piece of history. AGA wood burning stoves are designed by skilled craftsmen who are giving each piece a personal touch and unique quality. Cleanburn technology is used in these wood burning stoves for protecting the environment by providing a ‘cleaner burn’ as well as it generates more heat into the room because less heat goes up to the chimney. They have heating efficiency up to 86% and their maintenance is also very easy.

    Highlighted Features of Wood Burning Stoves

    All top brands prefer Nexus for supplying their products. The wood burning stoves of all these products are CE approved that means that they have been tested by European standards. They can also be installed in homes where chimneys have not been installed as well as they are suitable for smoke control areas. Inset wood burning stoves and freestanding wood burning stoves are usually more common in the UK and their material is also of finest quality. Coal and wood can be used as a fuel for operating these stoves and they both are cheap as compared to other fuels. Freestanding wood burning stoves are more in use as they can be placed anywhere as well as they occupy less space.